• MBO BRMBFHE059 100 Bloody Acres

MBO BRMBFHE059 100 Bloody Acres

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Brand Ingram Entertainment

The sibling owners of an organic blood-and-bone fertilizer business strive to please a demanding customer by adding three hitchhikers to their unique brand of compost in this gruesome horror comedy from Australia. Reg Damon Herriman and Lindsay Morgan Angus Sampson are the proud proprietors of Morgan's Organic - a struggling fertilizer company that grinds car-crash victims into mulch. With product running low and their biggest customer growing impatient resourceful Reg believes he's found a solution for their business woes when he happens across a three weary travelers stranded on a lonely stretch of road. Unfortunately for the business the two brothers aren't used to dabbling in live product and when Reg starts to fall for his pretty young captive his perfect plan falls to pieces.

  • Director - Colin Cairnes
  • Cast - Damon Herriman Angus Sampson Anna McGahan Oliver Ackland
  • Release Date - 10/1/2013
  • Original Release - 2012
  • Source - Music Box Films
  • Presentation - Wide Screen
  • Sound - DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound
  • Time - 1:30:00
  • Format - Blu-ray
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