• Ninja QB700 Food Processor Black (Certified Refurbished)

Ninja QB700 Food Processor Black (Certified Refurbished)

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Brand Ninja
Rule the kitchen with a versatile food processor from Ninja Blender. The Storm tornadoes through the toughest tasks; mincing, pureeing, dicing, chopping, and pulverizing fruits and vegetables to perfection, letting you whip up shakes, smoothies, and all manner of fun frozen drinks. But even beyond that, it can also grind meat, crush ice, and churn ice cream in less than 30 seconds. Tackle all manner of recipes quickly and easily; you can expand your culinary horizons with confidence, with a Ninja in your corner. Features:.400 Watt Powerful Motor. Ninja 4 Blade Technology for Uniform Cutting and Ice-Crushing Action. Ergonomic Operation with One-Touch Pulsing. Storage Lid Helps Keep Leftovers Fresh in the Fridge or Freezer. Built-In Anti-Spill Gasket Seals Lid Tight for No-Mess Use and Pouring
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